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Hobby Farm Pottery, products, custom, affordable, giftsPlease note that these products are photographed in a variety of patterns, but that you can choose the pattern you prefer for that product during the ordering process.

All of our ceramic products are handcrafted and decorated in Edgerton, Wisconsin.

All Hobby Farm Pottery is freezer and dishwasher safe, and may be used in both the microwave and conventional ovens. We do recommend that you allow any product that has been heated in the microwave or oven to cool to room temperature though, before transferring to the freezer, in order to avoid a process called "shocking."

We have many exciting colors to choose from and our glazes make clean up much easier than un-glazed items. (Our glazes contain no lead so are safe for use with any food or liquid.) There is no “seasoning” required.

Disclaimer: Our glazes are lead free and our pottery is dishwasher safe.  Some china paint used in the decals may contain lead. Even though the pieces are considered safe after they have been fired to the correct temperature, we cannot professionally test each piece  of pottery,  for that reason all plates, pie dishes, and platters are sold as wall decor or cookie plates only. 

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