About Us

In the mid-seventies, a friend invited me to attend a ceramic class as a girl’s night out to give us a break between the gardening, diapers, and housekeeping.  Little did I know that a small hobby would lead me to a thirty- year career in the ceramics industry. 

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For many years, I taught classes in the basement of our home.  My husband has assisted me throughout our many years in this business, three times adding on to our home to accommodate for business growth and our need for more firing kilns.  My art has transitioned from hand-painted  figurines to the work for which we have become best known--our hand-made home and kitchen accents.


It has been such a joy for me to be able to stay at home, raise my children, and create a product pottery, ceramics, ceramic, custom, Wisconsin, customizableso many others can enjoy.  Our business journey has always been guided by our faith in God. 

We hope that God will also richly bless each of you and as always, thank you for your past and future patronage. 

~Bette, Steve and Sarah Schieldt

A Special Note:

I would like to give credit to my dear friend, Tami Wolfgram, an artist from Wisconsin who created many of the original prints that have been made into decals which we use to decorate our pottery.  The exclusive Hobby Farm Pottery pattern pictured below, perfectly depicts our family’s story. 

Our business is operated from our home, nestled on acreage that we farmed for many years.  Together with Tami’s talent, and the willingness of Olympic Enterprises to print the patterns we have requested, we have been able to create pottery that keeps up with the trends of the market.  We will be forever grateful for the assistance these two businesses have given Hobby Farm Pottery over the years.  


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